Brand Story

In the highly competitive mattress market, Dyexan is a brand that leads the trend, pursues high-end quality and ultimate comfort.Dyexan originated in 1976 and focuses on high-quality sleep systems. We believe that a good sleep is the cornerstone of improving the quality of life.

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Dyexan is not just a mattress, it represents a kind of pursuit of life.We are convinced that everyone should be able to enjoy a completely relaxing sleep, so as to rejuvenate their vitality and creativity during the day.

In order to achieve this goal, we select the highest quality materials and use the most advanced manufacturing technology to create excellent comfort and support.

Dyexan's design is inspired by the fusion of nature and art, and each mattress shows a chic shape and exquisite details.After careful carving by designers, we strive to bring users unparalleled visual enjoyment and tactile experience.

  • Personalization

    Through in-depth consultation with professional sleep consultants, we can understand users' sleep habits, preferences and special needs.From hardness to material, from support to adaptability, the factors considered are different, because we are committed to creating a unique mattress experience for each user and enjoying a truly personalized and comfortable sleep.

  • Quality

    We are loved by consumers and have become a representative of the pursuit of taste and quality of life.And all this stems not only from our passion for products, but also from Dyexan's always adhering to the concept of “integrity, high quality and health”.

  • Innovative

    Dyexan's supply chain management team is committed to finding and selecting the most reliable suppliers to ensure that the materials we use meet high quality standards and environmental requirements.We work with our partners to explore the latest technologies and materials in the market, and continuously promote the innovation and development of the mattress industry.

Dyexan not only helps people get a deep sleep, but also pays more attention to harmonious coexistence with the environment.We are committed to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and production processes to reduce our impact on the earth.With this commitment, we provide people with high-quality sleep while also protecting our common home and creating a sustainable future.