Mattress Size Measurement Method

  • Step 1:
    Step 1:

    Place the mattress horizontally on a hard, horizontal plane.

  • Step 2:
    Step 2:

    The mattress is placed horizontally on the flat surface, and the aluminum alloy square tube is placed on the diagonal of the mattress so that the center line of the tube is consistent with the diagonal center line of the top surface of the mattress.

  • Step 3:
    Step 3:

    Use a steel ruler to measure the distance between the lower bottom surface of the tube and the upper surface of the flat plate at the two corners of the mattress, and repeat the measurement according to this method on the other diagonal.

  • Step 4:
    Step 4:

    The average of the actual 4 measured values is the height of the mattress.

Bed Frame Selection

In order to extend the service life of the mattress and avoid abnormal noise of the bed frame in the later stage,

It is recommended to use a bed frame with a flat ribs frame and a gap of less than 5cm or a flat bed frame

  • 1-拷贝

    It is recommended to use a bed frame

  • 2-拷贝

    The gap is >5cm, it is not recommended to use the bed frame

Bed Frame Height

The overall height of the mattress + bed frame is too high or too low, which will cause inconvenience to going to bed, it is easy to get damp, and it is easy to inhale ground dust during sleep.


Recommended choice:

1. The height of the bed edge is 45-60cm, which is more suitable; (The height of the bed edge = the height of the bed frame + the height of the mattress)

2. Or use the knee as a measure, equal to the knee height or slightly higher 1-2cm

Logistics and warranty policy

  • Overall Packaging Effect

    Double-layer packaging, corner protection design

    Anti-collision! Moisture-proof! Shockproof!

    Overall Packaging Effect
  • Three-layer Protection
    Three-layer Protection