• Brand Culture

    While pursuing a comfortable sleep,

    Dyexan attaches great importance to the
    environmental protection and health of its products.

    Referring to industry standards, we took the lead in proposing the classification standard for formaldehyde release of green mattresses and adopted the E0-level high standard manufacturing.Each mattress has been tested by professional equipment in the formaldehyde laboratory to meet the E0 level as the factory standard.Dyexan believes that only by being responsible for health can it win trust and support.


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    As a professional and reputable mattress brand, Dyexan far exceeds industry standards in terms of product health, comfortable sleeping and service life, and is favored by the majority of consumers.In the future, Dyexan will continue to uphold the principle of ”integrity, high quality and health”, and is committed to providing every consumer with comfortable and better healthy sleep.

Brand Vision
Brand Vision

A Great Mattress Makes
For A Better Sleep

The significance of the Dyexan brand lies in the eager expectation of a bright future, "turning butterfliesin to dreams, building cores and enjoying sleep".Only by being honest and doing things seriously can we establish a brand image worthy of consumers' trust, and then realize Dyexan's beautiful vision of" sleep comfortabl yevery night, and be healthy every day".