No matter how fat or thin, it fits perfectly with the body curve

Maintain a comfortable sleep all year round

  • Polymer


    Air Fiber

  • Unique


    Gel memory foam

  • Zero formaldehyde

    Zero formaldehyde

    Natural latex

Air Fiber

Air Fiber

  • Breathability

    More than 90% of the air inside the air fiber mattress is air, and it has good breathability. It is the well-being of bedridden patients and effectively reduces their risk of bedsores.At the same time, it is also very suitable for infant mattresses.

  • Washable

    The mesh structure inside the washable water makes him particularly easy to clean, and it is also particularly easy to dry.

  • Durability

    For durable air fiber mattresses, we have undergone 8W compression deformation tests, and the permanent collapse is only 5%, which is negligible compared with traditional mattresses.

  • High rebound

    The resilient air fiber mattress has high resilience. Its strong resilience and support can reduce the muscle consumption caused by turning over and increase the length of deep sleep.

  • Storage

    The air fiber mattress is relatively lightweight and is particularly good for storage.

  • Environmental protection

    Can be recycled and reused.

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  • Gel Memory Foam

    Absorb excess heat emitted by the human body and maintain a refreshing sleep state;

    Good pressure absorption performance, fit and support;

    The ventilation and breathable performance is better than that of ordinary memory foam.

    Gel Memory Foam
  • Natural Latex

    Antibacterial and anti-mite, reduce the growth of bacteria;

    Ventilated and breathable to reduce the sultry feeling in summer;

    It has excellent resilience and is comfortable to stick to the ground.;

    Silent, pure sleep.

    Natural Latex