As a mattress sleep expert

Dyexan mattress gives the following effective care tips

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  • Regular Cleaning
    Regular Cleaning

    The mattress is often in contact with human sweat, dander, etc., and should be deeply cleaned every six months or so. You can use a detergent spray to wet the surface of the mattress, and then use a vacuum cleaner to dry out the dust, dander and microorganisms stuck to it to ensure that the surface of the mattress remains clean.

  • Use Protective Cover
    Use Protective Cover

    The mattress protective cover and the bed sheets are wrapped together, which can protect the surface of the mattress from dirt, sweat, stains, etc., and can extend the service life of the mattress and play a protective role.

  • Flip Mattress
    Flip Mattress

    The mattress should not be used on one side for a long time. The mattress should be flipped up and down every month or so to ensure the service life of the mattress and avoid excessive loss of a certain part of the mattress, which affects the quality of sleep.

  • Save Correctly
    Save Correctly

    If the mattress is not used for a period of time, pack it in a mattress bag to prevent the surface of the mattress from moisture, dust pollution, mold and other problems.

  • Avoid Friction
    Avoid Friction

    The surface of the mattress should not be rubbed frequently to avoid the accumulation of spots, which will affect the beauty and life span. You can use the mattress protective cover to avoid friction.

* The above measures are a little common sense for effective mattress care, and they are also one of the important means to maintain the sleeping environment. Doing these nursing measures from time to time can ensure the comfort and service life of the mattress, help improve sleep quality, and reduce unnecessary fatigue.

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