Dyexan Firmly Believes

Dyexan firmly believes that raw materials are a vital factor in the production of high-quality goods


  • 拉力计

    Material composition detection

  • 钻石1

    Non-woven fabric strength test

  • 杠铃

    Steel wire strength test

Behind the Dyexan brand, there is a passionate and creative team.The members of this team come from various fields, and they all have a common goal: to provide users with an amazing mattress experience through innovation and design.
Dyexan's R&D team continues to conduct in-depth research and testing to ensure that each mattress can be perfectly adapted to different body and sleep needs.Gain an in-depth understanding of ergonomics and sleep science, and integrate this knowledge into the design of each product.
Dyexan's mattress materials and technologies have been carefully selected and strictly controlled.The use of the highest quality memory foam, latex and high springs, as well as functional materials such as breathable and dust mite-proof, ensures that the mattress is durable, comfortable and gentle.

Dyexan Firmly Believes

Referring to industry standards, we took the lead in proposing the classification standard for formaldehyde release of green mattresses and adopted E0-level high-standard manufacturing.

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    The proposed standard "Classification of Formaldehyde Release from Green Furniture Mattresses" will refer to the GB/T39600-2021 "Classification of Formaldehyde Release from Wood-based Panels and their products" standard to take formaldehyde release as the only classification index, and set up three levels.

    Note: Level E2 is the formaldehyde release limit value of the mattress specified in GB/T35607-2017.

    All products that meet the E2 level in the national standard are qualified products.

Only by being responsible for health can we win trust and support