Maintenance of latex mattresses

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1. Remove the film tape on the surface of the mattress before use to make the breathable properties of the mattress work.

2. Turn your bed posture regularly to help reduce daily wear and tear.The mattress bedding is ergonomically designed to fit close to the curve of the human body and reduce the pressure on the body.Therefore, after the mattress is used for a period of time, the normal phenomenon of slight depression may occur.This is not a structural problem.If you want to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, please rotate the mattress head and tail every two weeks within three months of purchase, and rotate the mattress every two months after three months.Perseverance can make the mattress more durable.

3. In areas or seasons with heavy moisture, move the mattress outdoors to blow the air to keep the bed itself dry and fresh.

4. When handling, do not squeeze at will and fold to avoid damaging the mattress.

5. Change the sheets and bedspreads frequently every day, and keep the surface of the mattress clean and hygienic.Avoid jumping on the mattress, slapstick eating or drinking drinks.

6. If the mattress is not used for a long time, breathable packaging (such as plastic bags, which need to have ventilation holes) should be selected, and some bags of desiccant should be packed and placed in a dry and ventilated environment.